HTTP and HTTPS server with Python

Python 2 has already included an HTTP server module in its later versions. And running the server is as simple as this: It starts the server on port 8000 (by default), and if we want to run on a different port, we will just add the new port number at the end of the command. […]

Making SQL Queries

This article is to summarize how do we make SQL queries using different languages and their methods. Making connection to the database will not be covered here. In the examples, we will be querying “SELECT * FROM employees where eid =and dept =” It is not recommended to use SQL statements without placeholders in order […]

Python: Pyql module to obtain stock quotes from Y! Finance

I just made an initial attempt to fetch the stock quotes via YQL, and put the codes into a module. The method “lookup” will return a list of python dictionary item(s), based on the information decoded from Yahoo’s JSON data. The current snapshot is posted on Google Code. The code doesn’t work with Python 3. […]